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Double Glazed Windows

When looking for new Double Glazed Windows, it isn’t always a straight forward process. Today, we estimate there are over 12,000 installers in the UK currently, and the number is rapidly increasing. Choosing the right company can be a tough decision because ultimately, where and how do we choose the right one for us?

Over the years, we’ve researched into various different Local Double Glazed Windows Companies and have made several discoveries along the way. However, with windows and doors, it soon becomes clear that every man and his dog can install your windows at a budget cost! You buy a van, slap yourselves a snazzy name on the side, and start selling windows. 3 years later they’re never to be seen again.

Double Glazed Windows Double Glazed Windows

You’re probably asking ‘’why?’’ and we can answer that. It comes down to temptation. Any company with the temptation to make a little extra money will suddenly be selling solar panels out of the back of its van. The phrase comes to mind, ‘’Jack of all trades but a master of none.’’

However, this is fundamental to any Double Glazed Windows business. Look at the market. You’ll find there are only a fraction of the estimated 12,000 installers whose only interest is to supply and install double glazed windows. These are the guys that stick around because they’ve mastered and perfected their trade, and if you find yourself looking for new double glazing, and they suggest you change your garage roof, then no doubt you’re dealing with a Jack.


Our Know How Guide Shares 5 Reasons To Change Your Double Glazing..

  • Eternally beaded windows are often considered a safety issue regarding the security of the glass in the windows.
  • Check that your glass is still efficient by asking your quoting company to survey it.
  • Avoid any Recycled uPVC products as they tend to be more brittle and discolour fast.
  • Virgin uPVC requires little or no maintenance and has a long lasting life.
  • Check that you windows close and lock securely. Check for draughts, this created a vacuum throughout your home, loosing heat.

Double Glazed Windows in all shapes and sizes. Check out the gallery below.

Double glazed windows


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