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Double Glazing Quotes

There comes a time in life when we need to consider one of the biggest changes in our homes. This will always involve the dreaded Double Glazing Quotes. The process can somewhat be complicated because it’s such a competitive market. How exactly do we possibly choose the right company?

Several different industry methods are used when pricing for Double Glazing Quotes. Traditionally, we invite an unknown stranger from a company whose details we’ve seen advertised perhaps. They may spend several hours showing us various different designs and will  eventually give us a price. It’s an age-old known fact that this particular method normally starts with a price that is somewhat considered “high”. After a phone call to the manager, the price is suddenly more realistic and suitable.

Double Glazing Quotes Double Glazing Quotes

Now, there are several reasons why this phone call to the manager takes place. This doesn’t mean that these companies are doing anything unorthodox. They are in a position to calculate a price for youself in the comfort of your own living room. Once agreed, you may decide to place an order for new double glazed windows. A contract will be signed which is an agreement between you and your chosen company. However the call to the manager is to prevent the quoting company from making an agreement on a job that they would consider “under-priced”. We hope that this may clear up some of the reasons as to why this method takes place.

There are alternatives. You can ring for a price, and you may receive a call several days later regarding what that cost may be, though the majority of double glazing quotes take place in the home.


Our Top 5 Suggestions

  • Dealing with a Double Glazing Company as opposed to a Home Improvements Company may save you several £1000s

  • Check what Guarantees they offer on installer and product.

  • Try and avoid paying any despots that exceed 10%

  • Some companys asks for a survey fee prior to installation, this is rather normal and not a scam. *Between £100 and £500 often.

  • If in doubt, you can always give Breveran a call on 0800 206 22 27 for any suggestions and help for free.

Before getting your Double Glazing Quote, check out the gallery below.

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