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Modern Composite Doors

We’re often asked here at Breveran UK, what door would we recommend? Modern composite doors come in a variety of styles and colors which has seen them take storm throughout the UK as a new alternative for our homes. Modern composite doors are made up of a variety of different materials, which include PVC, wood, insulating foam and GRP (glass reinforced plastic). The combination of materials results in a door that is very strong and secure.

The word composite means composition. Meaning that a composite door is made up from several materials. We suggest you check what materials are used. We’ve seen composite doors that are packed with polystyrene, instead of wood. Metal however, isn’t a great composition. Metal conducts heat and cold. In the winter months, you can image it could get seriously cold.

Modern Composite Doors Modern Composite Doors

All of these materials are combined to create a recipe. This however doesn’t mean that all manufacturers use the same methods. Although all modern composite doors appear to look the part, it’s not until you start to break it down, that they start to show their true colors.

Composite Doors vs uPVC Doors

We’re often asked what would we recommend. A composite door or a uPVC Door. We wouldn’t like to say because both doors have their advantages. Composite Doors tend to cost more than uPVC, and the materials differ somewhat. Both doors are secure, however composite doors are often made using several materials, whereas most uPVC Doors only contain plastic. A long with additional steel or metal strengthening bars.

The list is endless and there are many ways to identify the difference between a budget composite door, mid-range, and high-end product. If you’d like to know more about these differences, please give one of our team a call. If you have a question send it to, or check out the FAQs.

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modern composite doors


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