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Online Window Quote, Check out our top tips below.

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Tried getting an Online Window Quote recently? 

Getting an online window quote in our opinion would be the same as getting a quote for a kitchen online. You’d probably be able to to do it given enough time, however, are you really saving any money in the process?

Most online window quote websites will ask you to specify the sizes and designs, and will normally estimate a price based on the information given, but tend to ask for further details regarding the online window quote, resulting in a phone call with the proposition for one of their representatives to visit. 

You’d be surprised if you ever found a legitimate company whose only agenda is to price windows online and supply them. The question we have it: will doing this immediately mean that you’re getting a better deal? 

When using local double glazing companies, it will normally be in their interest to offer several options in order to seize an order, for example, guarantees on the installation and product, insurance backed guarantees (insured if they go bust), Certass or FENSA registered, BSI kitemark licenses and so on.

You’ll also be dealing with trade professionals, and prior to any installation, a thorough survey of your property will take place which will ensure that your new products are made bespoke for your home, so it is essential that the quality and accuracy of fitting matches the products themselves.

If you’ve recently had an online window quote, but are perhaps curious to see whats on offer using trade professionals, get it touch with breveran today or visit our double glazing quotes and let us find a great referral for you.  

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Here are some suggestions to consider:

Trusted Company?

Any reputable company will have reviews online, consider checking websites like, or check their website and other sources for customer feedback.


Any trusted company will issue a written guarantee, your average company will offer a 10-year warranty depending on the quality of the product.

Locking Systems?

Be sure that your new window meets regulations in regards to locking systems on doors and windows, as this may affect any insurance you may have.

High Performance?

Will the Cheapest Double Glazing be installed above and beyond industry standards?

Made To Measure?

Be sure to have your house surveyed before you make any decisions. Each property is bespoke in shape and size.

Energy Efficient?

By checking the efficiency, you’ll be sure to keep the warmth in to reduce those heating bills.

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In order to provide you accurate pricing and because every installation is unique, installers must inspect the project site. This inspection is free and will provide you with an opportunity to assess the professionalism of the quoting company. We are unable to offer installation prices online.

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